chronic disease epidemiology

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    Is it Possible to Enter a PhD in Epidemiology without a Master's?

    Hi everyone! I am currently an undergraduate student majoring in biology, and looking to get a graduate degree in Epidemiology. Just from doing some preliminary research, it seems like most PhD in Epidemiology programs require you to have a Master's. However, with the high cost of Master's...
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    Is Public Health What I Am Looking For?

    Hello all, I am trying to get my life together and figure out what kind of program I want to apply to. Some background, I am currently in my junior year of college studying psychology and I plan on getting a PhD/ pursuing a research focused career. I originally planned on going to medical...
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    Yale Chronic Disease Epidemiology

    Does anyone have any experience with Yale's Chronic Disease Epidemiology program? I've mostly heard about their epidemiology of microbial diseases department. I'm looking for a program with a strong scientific/biostatistical bent but in a very applied context (and hopefully motivated by some...