Is it Possible to Enter a PhD in Epidemiology without a Master's?

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Feb 20, 2021
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Hi everyone! I am currently an undergraduate student majoring in biology, and looking to get a graduate degree in Epidemiology. Just from doing some preliminary research, it seems like most PhD in Epidemiology programs require you to have a Master's. However, with the high cost of Master's degree, I wanted to see if I can skip the Master's because I would like to do epidemiological research in the future. Does anyone know of any programs that accept students with a Bachelor's degree? Or should I just forget it and settle for applying for Master's programs?

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I'm in the same boat. But, from my experience, it is highly difficult since students with MS/MPH in Epi sometimes even don't get into PhD especially if you need full funding support like me. However, exceptional GRE and/or Professional experience may help but still very rare. Let me know your latest thoughts.
I have the same thought too, this is my current experience and degree.
Graduate School/School type: College of medicine, National university.
Grad GPA/Major GPA: 3.6/4
Major/minor: Pharm.D
GRE(including date taken): 75th percentile.

  • Pharmacist internship in Medical Center for 8 months. ( Pharmaceutical Administration, Adverse-drug reaction assessment, Clinical Pharmacists training in TPN team and Internal Care Unit)
  • Community pharmacy store for 1 month
  • Internship in Pharmaceutical Affairs Division, Department of Health for 1 month

Volleyball team leaders in college of medicine for 2 years

Present : Research assistant conducting (1) Real-world study design (2) Pharma protocol revision (3) SAS programming (about 4 months)
Still working on my presentation (3 studies already , haven't received from journals yet)

Letters of Rec
: Associate Professor (which is my boss now), may include one of cooperator (Professor too) in Hong Kong.

Interests: Pharmacoepidemiology/ Methodology / Biostatistics.
I want to apply PhD in Epidemiology in Public Health school such as BU, University of Florida , Drexel. And PhD in pharmacy UIC this fall; however, I found that those school may not require the master degree or with long-term occupation in health care area. I am wondering whether TOP 30 Public health school worldwide (US majority) would focus on my own presentation and clinical background, BUT ignoring the fact that I haven't got master degree or a long-term working experience in Health care organization ( such as CDC ).

What do you think on my chances ?
Thanks a lot !!!!
Hello Thomas; you do have Pharm.D and good gre score is should enough but please take pandemic situation into consideration. Everything is uncertain. Reputation of the school/university/country you earned Pharm.D is also a fact. Have you applied to any school? Universities are already making their decision out. Boston, Chicago is highly expensive area. Choose tier-2 cities that has tier-1 or top 100 universities at least.