class 2022

  1. T

    LECOM-Erie Class of 2022

    Didn't see a class thread for us, so I figured it'd be nice to get one started. If you've already been accepted, congrats! And if you're still waiting to hear back, good luck and don't lose hope! I've heard of some people getting pulled off the waitlist pretty close to the beginning of July so...

    Penn State (PSU) College of Medicine Class of 2022 Thread!

    Congrats on our acceptance to Penn State College of Medicine! I could not find a facebook page for the class of 2022, probably because it is still pretty early for making decisions. But I thought it would be good to make on SDN so that once people have been accepted, they can meet up here and...
  3. Manny. E

    FAMU Pharmacy Class of 2022

    Hello everyone, I noticed that in previous years students opened threads as to the status of our applications, so I decided to open a thread as well. While reading through the threads, I realized the following things: -When you log in to your application, next to where it says status, if you...
  4. P

    UCSD C/O 2022 Interview/Acceptance Thread

    How come there is no official c/o 2022 thread for USCD? :eek: Please post here if you hear back from the school!:)
  5. laanamay

    University of Sydney DVM - Class of 2022

    Hey everyone! I see that there has yet to be a USyd Forum for the Class of 2022 - so here it is. Myself? I plan on attending starting February 2018 in the DVM Program at University of Sydney. I am an international student from CALIFORNIA, USA ! Looking for advice and fellow applicant...
  6. P

    West Coast university c/o 2022

    Hello, did anyone apply for West Coast university for entering fall 2018? Is there any current students at West Coast would like to share some experience the school? Thanks!