class scheduling

  1. D

    Help with scheduling and mcat

    Hello, I'm planning for my spring classes, but I'm in kind of a dilemma. This is my schedule for Spring 2019 semester before I take the mcat: Spring Semester Spanish organic lab physics II Biochemistry genetics Research I want to take a lighter load to study for the mcat (13 credits), but I...
  2. A

    Summer Semester - Research and a Class

    What are all of your thoughts on summer semester course loads? I am planning to start biomedical research this summer (the agreement is for 16-20 hours a week) and Physics 1. Taking a class is pretty important for me considering I dropped a class last semester, but is it doable/advisable with...
  3. M

    FIU DPT Program

    Hi everyone! I just graduated with my BA and I am about a week away from sending in my early applications. I have a question for DPT students at FIU. From what I have heard from a few PT's, FIU has the most flexible schedule for PT school. This is important to me because I want to still work a...
  4. undetermine

    Forecasting for Senior Year

    Hi, I am a current junior in high school. I plan to go to a university and major in either biology or something else and pursue optometry after that. I am having trouble deciding what I want to forecast for senior year. I am not sure whether to have a free period or not. Do you think it would...
  5. D

    Undergraduate courses that may help in dental school. Would appreciate any insight!

    Hello, I am about to receive a biology undergraduate degree this May, and haven't yet applied to dental school (will be doing that this summer). In order to stay on scholarship and an insurance plan I needed to stay enrolled full time at a university throughout next academic year. I figured I...
  6. M

    Post-bacc student in need of advice for class scheduling/applying

    Hi everyone, I'm a post-bacc student and I'm planning to take the OAT in late June/early July and get my applications in soon after. Following the spring 2016 semester, I'll still need to take Anatomy, Physio, Biochem, and Micro. I'm wondering if it would be smart for me to skip taking summer...