clinical neuropsychology

  1. fellwynd2

    MS Neuroscience before PhD in Clinical Psychology?

    I'm currently planning on applying to PhD programs in clinical psychology for entry in Fall 2022, however I understand that there is extreme competition for these programs. Therefore I'm going to be applying to MS programs in clinical psychology as well. However, I'm interested specifically in...
  2. C

    Insurance fraud?

    I'm a postdoctoral neuropsychology fellow in Arizona. In the reports we write, the supervisors name and post-docs names are supposed to be listed as co-authors (the postdocs write the entire report and the supervisor makes edits). I noticed several of the reports I had written being mailed out...
  3. S

    PsyD Program Interviews

    I recently got invited to my first PsyD interview (hopefully more to come) and I'd really love to hear about other peoples' interview experiences. I applied to some PhD programs last year and had a few interviews, but I was living abroad at the time doing a masters and had to do them over...
  4. U

    Neuroscience Masters?

    I'm a psychology undergrad with an emphasis in neuroscience and I want to pursue a Ph.D. in clinical neuropsychology, though currently I'm looking at various masters programs to help me eventually get into a program. I'm having a hard time finding a solid research psychology masters, so I began...
  5. M

    Clinical psychologist vs clinical neuropsychologist

    Hi, I'm currently in the process of researching grad programs and I've thought for a while now that I wanted to do a PhD in clinical psychology -- I want to work with/research kids with autism. I'm sort of confused about what the differences are between a PhD in clinical psychology and a PhD in...
  6. M

    How helpful is a masters for a career in clinical neuropsychology?

    Hello! I am interested in becoming a clinical neuropsychologist. After learning how difficult it is to get selected for an interview for a clinical psychology PhD program (that offers a neuropsychology track), I am looking at masters programs in Europe instead (because masters in neuropsychology...
  7. N

    PhD/PsyD Neuropsychology Career Question

    Hello everyone, Some background first: I am undergraduate going through the graduate school application process. I would ideally like to obtain a PhD in clinical psychology (with an emphasis in clinical neuropsychology) and then pursue a faculty position in clinical neuropsychology. I have been...
  8. P

    Integrated Primary Care vs Neuropsychology

    Hi everyone, I'm currently a graduate student in a clinical psychology doctoral program and am torn between the subspecialties of integrated primary care psychology and clinical neuropsychology. I have a genuine interest in both fields. Could anyone give me the pros/cons of working in each...