1. H

    Women's Interview Attire

    Hi there, I am currently in limbo after submitting my applications and have been looking into interview attire. Many people say that women should not wear black suits are they are too harsh and formal, and they suggest colors such as navy or charcoal/gray. I was thinking about doing a navy suit...
  2. F

    Program-Specific Info / Q's BU clothes for class

    I was admitted to BU a couple of weeks ago, and I was wondering what was the required dress/dress code for classes.
  3. Sweet_Tooth

    Dressing for interview--female with religious dress code

    After getting most of my apps verified and submitted the next thing on my mind has been preparing for potential interviews, particularly, dressing for interviews (If I am lucky enough to get invited to any...) As a female Muslim who covers her hair and wears conservative (loose, non skin...
  4. B

    White Coat Ceremony Clothing (Ladies)

    I was just wondering where any girls got their outfits for white coat/what did you wear. I heard white coat is mostly business casual but wanted to hear some insight (sorry this is a pretty trivial question compared to the rest of the questions posted on this site but I would really appreciate...
  5. Snickerdoodle1996

    Shadowing Attire for Emergency Room

    Hi everyone!! So I am shadowing a doctor for the first time in the emergency department. The doctor GAVE ME THE OPTION of scrubs or professional clothes (but nothing too fancy he said) he also said that a lab coat is optional. What should I go for? (Also I am a girl).
  6. Snickerdoodle1996

    Most Comfortable Scrubs?

    What are the most comfortable scrub brands for women?
  7. queerMD

    Feminine-presenting interviewee wearing a tie?

    This is my first time posting, but I have an upcoming interview and would like to get opinions on my interview attire. First off, let me say the med school at which I’m interviewing is LGBTQ friendly, asking applicants their gender identities and preferred pronouns. On my application, in...
  8. ifnotnowwren

    Women's Interview Attire #4

    Hi all, the last interview clothing thread was created in 2011 and reached almost 5,000 messages. I thought it would be nice to create a new one and to have the first post include some common knowledge as gleaned from the previous threads. Special thanks to @DokterMom, @gyngyn, and @Winged...
  9. S

    Where to buy an interview suit - very skinny, 38 Long

    I'm having a very hard time finding an interview-appropriate suit. I want it to be very conservative, solid color, dark navy or dark charcoal gray, super normal. I am 6'0" with extra long arms and legs and very skinny. My waist is 30" or 31". My inseam is 34" or 35" depending on the rise in...