c/o 2020

  1. cdo96

    Oklahoma State c/o 2022

    *cricket cricket* How has it August and no one has created this thread yet? I want to feel important lol I went to undergrad here and I'm going here in the fall (moving back a week from tomorrow :O ) so if anyone has any questions, I might be able to answer them!
  2. M

    MCPHS C/O of 2020

    Has anyone been accepted to MCPHS and decided to attend? I was accepted late November and have been trying to see if there was a facebook group made for c/o 2020 but haven't seen one yet.
  3. S

    Official Rejections c/o 2020

    ...Too soon? Maybe. Let's kick it off regardless! Just include your username, mode of rejection (e.g. email, snail mail, portal), and the date you received your rejection. UNITED STATES: Auburn University: University of California: Colorado State University: Cornell University...
  4. P

    University of Arizona Pharmacy C/O 2020

    Hey guys I am starting a new thread for the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy class of 2020. Application Cycle 2015. Has anyone complete the application as of yet? Lets get the ball rolling!