c/o 2021

  1. E

    NC DPT Admissions Cycle 2017-2018

    Hey guys! I am starting this thread in hopes of making a timeline about when schools in NC are sending out admissions decisions and interview offers for this current cycle! I applied to Duke, ECU, WCU, Elon, High Point, and UNC! Feel free to put information out there about any schools in NC :)
  2. J

    Accepted Students (c/o '21) What Are Your Summer Plans?

    Hey everyone! So I saw an older version of this thread and I absolutely loved looking through it so I thought I'd create one for this cycle that is quickly coming to a close! For those of you who have been accepted into the class of 2021, what are your summer plans before starting school this...
  3. A

    ***Official Midwestern-Illinois Class of 2021 Interview/Acceptance Thread**

    I havent seen a thread for MWU's IL c/o 2021 so I decided to start one! I just had my interview on 2/10 so hoping to hear back soon.
  4. cdo96

    Official Rejection List c/o 2021

    Let's do this haha! Got my first rejection, so I'm qualified to start this haha! Include your username, mode of rejection (e.g. email, snail mail, portal), and the date you received your rejection! UNITED STATES: Auburn University: University of California: Colorado State University...
  5. C

    LMU Interview

    I have an interview at Lincoln Memorial coming up and was wondering if anyone had any advice. I know it is a blind interview but I wanted to know what they might ask about besides my own personal experiences.
  6. mroerdh22

    Air Force c/o 2021 HPSP- MEPS Question

    Hi all! First, congrats to all those who received the 4 year- HPSP for the AF this past week. I am excited to one day serve alongside you! Now, for my questions: I have read tons of different boards about MEPS and how drawn out the process is. I have no major medical issues, i'm on pretty...
  7. emlady09

    Kansas State c/o 2021

    Since I haven't seen a thread yet for this cycle I thought I'd start one. This is one of the schools I am interested in this year! Let's see how it goes!
  8. sheltermed

    Cornell c/o 2021 Applicants

    Current Cornell undergrad and in-state! Probably not getting in myself, but I can answer a lot of questions about Cornell and Ithaca in general :) Best of luck to everyone!!
  9. MSUcvmHOPE

    Michigan State c/o 2021 Applicants

    Couldn't wait for anyone else to start it. The VMCAS is open and I want to be able to chat with my fellow MSU hopefuls!
  10. Falconette85

    Iowa State University c/o 2021!

    Hey there all you pre-vets c/o 2021 applicants! Who's getting anxious for the application process this summer/fall? Who has taken their GRE? That's on my to-do-list :-P