1. kidthor

    Billing Questions

    Hi all - I work for a big academic medical center that does its billing via an internal hospital-owned entity. The internal billing entity is not anesthesia-specific, although they have a decent number of anesthesia dedicated coders/billers. I suspect there is a lot that isn't captured in our...
  2. C

    Information Systems Major?

    Hi everyone! When I went to college, I started off as a biomedical engineering major, but switched to Information Systems because I realized that it would be an easier major. However, my advisor is telling me not to major in this because it would be too hard to keep my gpa up with the...
  3. chibadriver

    Another RVU question...

    Can someone explain the difference between "base units" in the ASA RVG and RVUs? I was looking at Dr. Faubel's wRVU/RVU guide and notice the RVUs are much lower than what I see in the RVG. I'm transitioning to PP, not good with this stuff. Dr. G
  4. G

    Coding and Billing in Residency

    Our program requires us to spend an hour after clinic filling out coding and billing forms for all the patient encounters of the day. Is this commonplace? Is there a ACGME Milestone or other such requirement that states that residents should be spending time submitting billing codes? I...
  5. N

    CPT No delivery code

    This is a random coding question: Does it ever make sense not to submit a radiation delivery code but submit everything else? I am reviewing a practice and it seems that for a fair number of patients, everything (planning, IGRT, treatment mgmt) is submitted except the actual daily delivery code...