1. U

    Plastic surgery resident for collaboration

    I'm currently pursuing a project merging Artificial Intelligence and Plastic Surgery. I'm a R&D/Software engineer and I'm looking for a plastic surgery resident as an adviser in exchange for equity and publication material in case he/she deems the project of academic value. Can you guys...
  2. S

    Thoughts on the CRNA’s you work with?

    Hi, I know that some people have very strong opinions on this topic so I would like if this remained civil. If you are a doctor or resident I would love to hear how you feel about the CRNA’s that you work with or have worked with. What is your general impression of them? Do you feel they provide...
  3. I

    Neurology or Neurosurgery? (San Diego)

    Hiya, I apologize in advance if this thread is in the wrong place. If it is, please move it or let me know where I can ask instead... I'm a premed student and fascinated with the brain and nervous system, and interested in both Neurology and Neurosurgery, but need some help deciding. I know...
  4. O

    Research opportunity in Orthodontics

    We are looking for an Orthodontist (or Orthodontic resident) to join our research academic group (remote collaboration). The successful candidate must have excellent medical/academic writing skills and ability to write, comprehend and discuss research papers in the orthodontic field. To express...
  5. hello_people

    what is the average percentage required to get admission at the ontario veterinary college?

    expected percentage for international students at university of guleph, ontario veterinary college (i am indian)