1. R

    Weird PCAT score, should I retake it?

    I just took February PCAT yesterday, here is my scores: Bio: 65 Chem: 94 Reading: 97 Quant: 97 Composite: 96 I am not happy with Bio score, not sure what happened when doing it. I always do better in Bio section than Chem section during preparation. should I retake it? I am sure I can do better...
  2. P


    Hello, I took the pcat this september and used dr collins and it was not similar to the pcat at all I ended up doing horrible and i used kaplan and collins for quantitative section and still did bad. Can someone please tell me what to study for the biology chem and math. Biology I did the worst...
  3. T

    My scores/thoughts

    So, first off my scores from July 18th (today): Bio: 98 Chem:96 CR: 96 QR:77 Cumulative: 97 So, needless to say I'm disappointed in my QR score since it's the section that I worked the hardest on but, honestly, I was spent by the end of the exam. Things I used: pearson exams and Collins...
  4. J

    For Sale Dr. Collins PCAT self-study (July 2016 update) $175 or best offer

    I took the January 2017 PCAT and scored in the 95th percentile using the Collins books. They have been spiral bound for convenience. There is some writing and highlighting from the previous owner, but as far as I can see, it is mostly pencil (some highlighter) and can be erased. Retails for $375...
  5. D

    Buying PCAT study materials

    Hi I am looking to buy PCAT study materials. Preferably Collins set but I will consider all. Send me Pm if you are willing to sell. Thanks
  6. T

    For Sale Selling 2016 Dr. Collins with July 2015, Fall 2015, and January 2016 Updates

    I just took the September 2016 exam and will no longer need my Dr. Collins package. It comes with the July 2015, Fall 2015, and January 2016 updates. Looking for $200 plus shipping OBO
  7. D

    PCAT Dr Collins for sale

    Hi im selling the Dr Collins PCAT prep. Its updated up to 2015, but it'll help with the kinds of questions that'll show up on the PCAT which involve recite and memory, even though the verbal ability section is not on the exam anymore. The cost is $200 but the price is negotiable.
  8. eevee

    2016-2017 Dr. Collins PCAT materials for sale!

    Just used it on my July 22 PCAT and scored as follows: Composite 98 Chemistry 99 Biology 96 Quant 94 Reading 94 There's some highlighting and minor markings in the chemistry study guide, but not really in the other guides. I paid the full amount plus shipping for it back in June, so it's the...
  9. Dradzz

    PCAT Dr.Collins 2014 Sale

    Hello, I am selling a 2014 version of Dr.Collins, in good condition (all pencil marks erased). Helped me score a 97 on the PCAT! *also I will include synthesized biochemistry notes that may help with test prep. Inbox for information.
  10. V

    PCAT study material for sale Includind Dr Collins

    I'm selling all my pcat study material Dr Collins updated till 2015 KaPlans Pcat 2014-2015 And Cracking The Pcat you name the price, highs bidder by May 5th gets it. If you include shipping address I can give you a good faith estimate on shipping of maybe even include it for free depending on...
  11. 8

    PCAT Prep Courses in Chicago Suburbs?

    Hey guys, I'm located in the Chicago, IL suburbs. I want to take the PCAT this summer, so I was wondering if there are any PCAT courses (like Dr. Collins) being taught in the area. Thanks!
  12. M

    October Pcat!! 2015 Prelim

    Hello:whistle: I take the test on Friday. I think the October test week has already begun :sneaky:. I used the Dr. Collins and the Pearson Practice tests, my first two practice scores range on 80-99 and 75-95, respectively. I am gonna do the last one tomorrow. Let us know how was your...
  13. N

    PCAT Collins 2015

    I would like to purchase Collins material with or without July updates. Please PM me or reply here with price and information..
  14. LotusMarks

    For Sale Dr. Collins Self-Study Guide (2015)

    Hello, just completed my PCAT exam and no longer need my prep material :)! Asking for about $100, paid $375 for the material on Collins' website. There are no writing or marks in any of my material. This is the latest 2015 edition with updates. Email me if you have questions...