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  1. S

    Applying to MD/MPH programs - now or later?

    I'm planning on applying to MD programs within the next few weeks with the goal of pursuing an MD/MPH. Would it be wise to select the combined MD/MPH option for some schools on my AMCAS app, or apply to regular MD programs and apply for MPH in med school? Or does it not matter? A few students...
  2. NanoSave

    Can you tell me my chances of acceptance into a MD/PhD program?

    Hello to all! I would really appreciate it if you would read this, and give me some great feedback! I got my AA about 4 years ago, and I performed horribly due to some circumstances at home. I had a 2.6 GPA, and I had about 9 withdrawals. I then went to my state school, and I performed nearly...
  3. M

    Good bs/dds programs?

    Hi! I am a high school senior committed to pursuing a career in dentistry and I am looking for 6 Year (or 7 year) bs/dds programs to apply to. What would be some good, affordable options for me? I can afford to pay around 275k-325k maximum for my entire tuition. I have already considered Uop...
  4. Tea Leaf

    Does this exist?

    Hi everyone! I recently heard that there are programs where you apply for a MS degree, and upon completion, they give you the option of going on to medical school? I haven't heard anything like this, does it then waive the MCAT? Please let me know if you've heard of this before! Thank you!
  5. H

    I really need some advice because I am stressing myself out

  6. anosmic

    Schools with a free 5th year for additional degree/coursework

    I would like to combine studying medicine with going after a second degree, like an MBA, or maybe just taking some coursework in the humanities during an additional 5th year. Some programs (e.g. Yale) offer the option of pursuing such interests free of tuition for the extra year. In previous...