1. S

    Interview for admissions committee

    I'm interviewing for a spot on my school's admissions committee. I have no idea what kind of questions I will be asked. I would appreciate any advice on the types of questions if anyone has been through this in the past. Thanks!
  2. mmc1900

    Can we assume committee readers of secondaries also have access to our AMCAS?

    I am in the process of writing secondaries, and was wondering to what extent we should be re-introducing or explaining the topics we discussed in our AMCAS app. Is it fair to assume that any admissions committee would have the entirety of our application to review (i.e. activities list +...
  3. Dr.CinnamonRoll

    a LOR from a second cousin Dentist?

    So i'm finishing up my letters of rec, and I'm beginning re-evaluate whether or not I want to use second cousin's rec letter. I have over 70 shadowing hours with him, and he knows me best in terms of my personal growth and ambitions, so I thought "he has a different last name and lives in a...
  4. B

    DO Letter of Recommendation Requirement

    After reading through the Letter Requirements for many DO schools, I've noticed that some of them point out that they require at least two letters of Recommendation: either 2 from science professors and 1 from a physician, or a committee letter and a physician. The DO I shadowed sent his letter...
  5. A

    Early Application+Individual LORs or Late Application+Committee Letter?

    Hey people, so I’m kind of in a predicament here and was looking for some thoughts and opinions. I’m currently filling out the AADSAS application and wanted to have it finished by June 5 to submit it as soon as it opens up. However, I’m realizing this won’t happen if I want to get a committee...
  6. KCraig

    When do schools send secondary applications?

  7. P


  8. G

    Use Committee Letter?? Advice needed !!!!

    Hi Friends, Wanted to get your opinion as I start the wonderfully arduous processes of prepping my app for next cycle. My university (graduated in 2016) offers alumni the opportunity to apply for their pre-health committee in which current or prior students earn a committee letter at the end of...
  9. sydney1616

    Premed Committee recommend with reservations or regular LORs?

    [post deleted]
  10. Dr. Li

    LOR question (soo confused)

    Dear friends, Frequently I see the admission requirements for LOR part include 1:letter from dentist (i get it); 2: letter from 2 science professors (i get it); 3: letter from "pre-professional(health) school committee." (confused) so what is pre-professional school committees? who are...
  11. WhereMyLiberalsAt

    Committee letter... Who needs it?!

    So are people without committee letters at a disadvantage? My school doesn't have a committee (use to but got rid of it for some reason), but my friend at a school near by says his school offers one. He also told me his advisers say it looks bad if you don't have one. Committee letters sound so...
  12. M

    Committee Letter Question

    I'm wondering if schools ever give interviews before committee letters (and LOR packets) are sent out. I submitted my primary on the very first day it opened and have completed all of my secondaries. My school typically sends out the committee letter mid-August, so should I just plan on not...
  13. jesie

    Committee Letter Dilemma

    Hey everybody, So my LoR status is as follows for applying MDPhD 1 x Committee Letter (Made up of 3 science teachers and my honors thesis mentor in the sociology department) 2 x Research PI The committee letter at my institution is a composite of four different teacher evaluations, one of whom...
  14. F

    Letters of Rec for dental question

    Hey guys quick question I go to Arizona State and they have a pre-health office which collects all your letters of recommendations, is this techincally called a committee letter? With them I have a letter from two science professors, a dentist, and a volunteer coordinator. So, four letter...