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    Letters of Intent - what's the deal

    Alright, ladies and gents. The consensus is clear on the following: - it is worth informing your #1 program - you should never lie (i.e., tell your #2, #3, etc. that they are your #1) Where the consensus is grey: - is it worth telling programs at the top of your list (but not your #1) that...
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    Internship vs working as GP

    Hi everyone- Was wondering if you could give me some advice. I'm a recent graduate (this year), and was hired on as a GP for a year, with mentorship. Seemed like the perfect situation, and I really liked working there- until I got laid off because the expected expansion to evening hours (and...
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    Follow Up and Follow Through: A Guide to Effective Personal Branding

    "Your reputation is a sum of your daily interactions." Follow Up and Follow Through
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    Alternative Medical Career: Open Position for Medical Writer/Director

    Medical communications is a burgeoning industry with a high market demand for highly-skilled and experienced individuals to fill medical science leadership positions in various arenas (e.g., private communications groups, pharmaceutical companies, ad agencies, etc.). This fast-paced, exciting...
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    Write Less, Say More

    Most people receive too many emails. Don’t add to the noise. Here's how to improve your correspondence. Write Less, Say More
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    Patient contact

    I am in my first clinical year as a medical student. It is really the first time we have been 'let loose' on the wards. I have enjoyed learning about physiology, pathology, investigations and treatment as I really like the puzzle solving side of medicine. However I have been struggling with the...
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    Does everyone else feel incompetent?

    So I just finished my preclinical years of medical school (I'm not in USA) and I've actually done really well so far. Yesterday I started my first Emergency placement and the doctors were really kind to me but I just felt so incredibly incompetent the whole shift. It's like I set foot in the...
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    Communication in anesthesia

    Hey all, We're three design students in Umeå, Sweden and we're working on a design project for a company that makes equipment for anesthesia. We have visited several operations (in total over 20 operations in our class). One interesting area we want to explore is the communication between...