1. Z

    NYS compounding exam june 2019

    Sooo is it considered a fatal error if you overdose patient in IV compounding? Majority of students made same mistake and I think like 80% of people overdosed the patient...
  2. L

    Compounding exam, NY licensure, Residency

    I want to apply for residency programs in New York, but as you know they require a third exam (in addition to MPJE and NAPLEX), that is compounding. That exam can only be taken in June and January (weirdly). I graduate end of june, and should be licensed by September 1 in New York. In order to...
  3. TheOnlinePharmacist

    Do you think compounding pharmacists should have to send out samples for testing before dispensing?

    We learned some interesting things in class today that occur prior to a new drug being released on the drug market, and I found it crazy how there's a whole 10-20 year process involving pre-examining, testing on animals, more examining and trials, all leading to the last step which is to test...
  4. F

    Question about compounding?

    If you had to make an ointment and the only ingredients called for were drug powder and a base like vasoline, would it be ok to use some mineral oil too? To levigate the powder before incorporating into the vasoline
  5. P

    Looking for Dr. Cutie's Compounding Notes

    Hi, I'm looking to buy Dr. Cutie's compounding materials or if you have, any other compounding exam materials. Send me a message or post in this thread please.
  6. P

    Dr. Cutie's NYS Compounding

    I'm looking to buy Dr Cutie's NYS compounding notes. Will consider purchasing other compounding study materials. Please send me a message or post in this thread.
  7. G

    Compounding Pharmacy Question

    If you are making 100 capsules of t3/t4 9mcg/36 mcg, what factor will be important for the T3 calculation other than purity?
  8. P


    Hi everyone :), I am selling NYS compounding exam materials. I have review books that has material for day 1 which is ERRORS AND OMISSIONS, PATIENT PROFILES, and LOOK ALIKE SOUND ALIKE. These books are made by Dr. Cutie and it's the gold standard for compounding. I also will include DAY 2...
  9. Jackyrocks

    Ny compounding June 2017

    Anybody has any updates on when the result will be posted? My day 1 was ok and I believe i did'nt make any fatal errors on day 2.. Its a long wait for the result though
  10. N

    Can you be exempt from the NY compounding exam?

    I was told that if you're a licensed rph in another state, working for 1 year, that you only have to take the NY MPJE and NOT the compounding exam. Can anybody tell me if this is true and where to find that info?? THANK YOU!
  11. michikun

    For Sale NY Pharmacy Compounding Review Notes

    I'm selling Dr. Cutie's compounding review package. Everything is included and like brand new with no writing. PM me for details.
  12. C

    New York NY Compounding Exam Notes

    i have Dr. Cutie's Part III Compounding Written Review Notes+Workbook (purchased 04/2016, brand new, no marks) for his Pharmacy Board Review Programs B/BL (course & notes valued at $425) - let me know if interested! [email protected]