1. D

    How to learn machine/deep learning/coding relevant for medicine before the AI storm hits?

    Hi there! II have 7 months until med school starts. What can I do now/in medical school/after medical school, to learn the basics, considering I majored in a Bio major in college? I was thinking of taking 7 months of stats and biostats before starting (useful in any case) with a tiny tiny...
  2. C

    PhD/PsyD Laptop recs

    I know this is a slightly atypical question but I’m abd in a psych program and in need of a new laptop. I’d like to purchase one that will be particularly good for dissertating. Anyone have recommendations for laptops? Mac vs PC? Did you like or dislike whatever you used? Thanks in advance!!
  3. Kobethegoat24

    How to find out if a medication is a controlled medication at CVS?

    So I am a pharmacy technician at cvs pharmacy. I know most of the common controlled C2 and C3 medications. However, there are ones that have me questioning if they are controlled or not such as trazodone, which for some reason I always thought was a controlled medication. I was trying to find a...
  4. C

    Choosing type of research

    Hello, I am in a dilemma trying to choose the research lab I would want to work in. I received an offer from a traditional cancer research lab, where I would be doing things like dissecting mice. The lab has mainly premed undergrads. On the other hand, there is a lab which focuses more on the...
  5. musclesmiyagi

    What is the best educational 3D anatomy computer program?

    Preferably for free or low cost and easily accessible from a personal computer.
  6. S

    Crack the DAT PAT MoveFile failed; code 5

    Hi, I recently purchased and tried to install the Crack the DAT PAT application, but when I run the program as administrator it gives me "MoveFile failed; code 5." I have tried disabling my firewall/antivirus when installing, but it still gives me the same error and when I tried troubleshooting...
  7. FancyFloss

    What laptop do you use and what do you wish you got instead?

    So I'm debating trading in my 2011 Macbook Pro for the shinier version before D1 classes in August, but I was wondering what you guys and most of your class uses. Please include screen size of your PC/Mac so I can get a general idea of wether to get the 13" or the 15" in the Macbook or another...
  8. libertyyne

    Pre-matriculation purchases

    What is everyone buying in preparation for medical school? Here is my list : Computer- surface book pro Phone-iPhone 7plus Desk- large Ikea desk Chair- looking for recommendations Backpack- still looking Monitor- 40inch 4k Printer- brother duplex b/w Dr.najeeb lifetime Headphones- Shure 215...
  9. Stagg737

    Technology Advice for the Tech Idiot

    I know this has probably been asked before, but I can't find any new threads. I'm in the market for a new laptop and I wanted to get some advice on which brand/laptop would work out the best for me. I've read a few reviews and know a few of the brands/companies, but I haven't bought a computer...
  10. P

    Laptop Recommendations

    So, I'm an incoming P1 and I was thinking about getting a new laptop for school since mine is old and sad. Does anyone have any good recommendations? What laptops do/did you use in pharmacy school, if any at all? I'm definitely not looking at any Mac, though.
  11. floured

    Engineering to med school

    Hi all, thanks for taking the time to read through this. I have a strange background, and I am wondering what is the best path for me to take. I am an engineering student at a top 10 engineering school. I have also done 3 years of biomedical research and I am applying to medical school this...
  12. FourniersGreenGang

    Surface experiences

    Hey everyone, So I am looking to get a new computer for 1st year of med school, and I am set on the surface pro 4 or the surface book. I know there are a ton of threads about the positives and negatives of different laptops to get, but I was wondering if people who use the surface pro 4 and...
  13. M

    Free Laptop for HPSP Students

    HPSP student? Get a brand-new computer 100% covered by your scholarship. [email protected]