1. J

    Advice in Med Business

    Good evening, I am a new member and trying to decide on a career path within medicine. That being purely clinical or admin or a mix. I want to speak to someone experienced and am willing to pay for detailed information. My friends told me about and their experiences...
  2. 0

    MHA Best MHA program for career at top consulting firm?

    Where do top consulting firms recruit from? How hard is it to break into consulting with an MHA, especially when firms have MBAs to choose from?

    US Medical Admissions Consulting & Personal Statement Editing Services

    SITE LINK: Home US Medical Admissions Consulting (USMA) is offering its services for the 2019-2020 Application Cycle. USMA is a New York based consultancy offering its expert editing services to applicants seeking admission to a variety of health care programs. The greatest portion of our...
  4. J

    Non-trad applicant, kind of stuck, not sure how to move forward

    Hello, I am a non-trad applicant and also a re-applicant. Three years ago I applied to medical school and did not get in. I lost motivation and hope that I'll ever go to med school and so I decided to delay reapplying. I worked for 4 years in the lab while doing masters in MPH...Thinking back...
  5. vv_aus

    Medical School Consulting

    Has anyone used a medical school consultant? And had any great success? (MDadmit; thompson advising etc)? Just want some feedback on your experience, and if its worth the investment. Please if you have nothing nice to say about someone wanting to consider such route, please skip the comments.
  6. B

    Which MPH programs should I be considering for policy and management?

    Hi all, long time lurker, I am trying to narrow down which programs I will apply to. As the title indicates, I am interested and in policy admin and career wise i'm open to consulting, hospital admin, pharmaceutical companies, or policy work overall as the top of the list. Schools I am already...
  7. White Coat Admissions

    Affordable Medical School Admissions Consulting

    We're very excited to announce the launch of our second application cycle at White Coat Admissions Strategists. We are a new premed advising group run by medical students. Our goal is to provide comprehensive support through each step of the application process at affordable prices. See where...
  8. T

    management consulting to medical school questions

    hi everyone, quick stats: age: 23 graduated may of 2017 from a state school with a degree in business management cum undergraduate gpa: 3.56 (got a "D" in an accounting class, not sure how bad that hurts) cum science gpa: 3.75 (only taken general chem + general bio, 2 semesters each) ACT: 34...
  9. M

    Remote Side Job for Med School graduates (no residency match? no problem!)

    Do you have significant medical student loans preventing you from having an allowance for fun? Did you graduate from Medical School and get snubbed by residency programs? Are you a practicing physician with a desire to pursue a career outside of practicing medicine? We have an opportunity...
  10. W

    technology consulting to medicine

    Hey everyone, so I recently graduated and am now working as a technology consultant at a very large technology consulting firm. I was wondering if there were a decent amount of people that go along this path, and then decide to do medicine. Will this sort of diversify my application? Why did you...
  11. Ray_of_Sunshine_MD

    Dual Enrolled-Chances of Getting Into MD program at 20?

    Hello SDN members, I would like to get your advice on my chances of getting into medical school, specifically an MD school, at the age of 20 with getting my Biology degree early? To further explain, I technically started college at the age of 15 while being in a unique dual enrollment program...
  12. S

    Advertisement Medical billing and EHR

    We are a medical billing, consulting, EMR,PM,EHR, support and implementation company located right in the heart of the U.S. With over 12 years in continued medical billing, software and technology solutions, and a history of working with some of the most renowned providers, we’ve been committed...
  13. B

    JHU away consult service

    Hello, I am doing an away elective at Hopkins this summer and it looks like it's with the consult service. Has anyone done this away before and could comment on what to expect in terms of student role? Thanks in advance!
  14. sshidid

    NYMC Accelarated Masters Program vs Touro COM Masters

    Hi Guys! So I'm in a little bit of a dilemma. I got into both schools and I am hoping to do a 1 year MS program while applying to Medical School at the same time. GPA: 3.98, MCAT: 505. I went to a weak undergrad with a low graduation rate, high transfer rate, and pretty mediocre faculty----long...
  15. Albal1991

    From management consulting to Medecine?

    Hey everyone, First time poster here, hopefully I've managed to post in the correct sub-forum. While I'm quite sure this, or something similar, has been asked and replied to before, I couldn't immediately find anything, so I'll throw it out there. In summary, I would like to know if there are...
  16. HD PREP

    Pharmacy School Application Help

    please click the url provided Welcome to Pharmacy School Preparation Pharmacy School Prep is a consultation service to help pre-pharmacy students matriculate into pharmacy school. Many people dream of being a pharmacist...
  17. T

    Work from home or during study breaks, as much or as little as you want.

    Hey, everybody! I wanted to share this opportunity with everybody on SDN. I work part time as a child psychiatrist, and work from home the rest of the week as a consultant for Rodan and Fields (who also developed Proactiv!). I was previously working 60+ hours/week with call (as most attendings...
  18. LindaAccepted

    Medical Heads Up: Price Increase Ahead!

    We just wanted to give you a head’s up that we’ll be increasing our prices September 1. So what does this mean for you? It means that you’ve got until Wednesday, August 31, 2016 to lock in a service at the current, low rate. Browse our catalog of services today to get an early start on your...
  19. Z

    Exit strategy - more consulting questions

    I know there's a ton of these threads on here discussing consulting as an exit strategy, but I have some specific questions that haven't really been answered. I have about 5 years of real engineering experiences before I decided to apply to med school and am currently a 3rd year. I'll be 31 by...
  20. A

    Is against AMCAS policy for MD applicants to use paid consulting services for apps?

    I am wondering if it is against any rules if applicants use a paid consulting service to have people proofread and edit their medical school applications and provide them with advice and whatnot as they apply? It may be a nice way to earn some extra cash and help people with their applications...
  21. N

    MHA advice needed!

    Hi All! I was recently accepted to the MHA program at GWU. I have some concerns about attending, primarily as it is costly, and I want to make sure that I am getting a good ROI on my degree. I am interested in pursuing a career in IS/finance consulting. Does anyone have any insight regarding...
  22. N

    MHA MHA Help!

    Hi All, I was recently accepted to the MHA program at GWU. I was initially very excited to attend this program, but I do have some reservations after doing a bit more research. Is there anyone with experience in health IS and finance, particularly with consulting, that can provide me with some...
  23. B

    Life Confusion - Advice Appreciated

    Hi all, I graduated college about a week ago, and have thereafter entered into a state of life crisis that I am hoping to get out of with some help. ------- When I entered college at Duke University, I came in with the expectation of fulfilling a pre-med course load; however, the pre-med...
  24. Yamhead

    Could making a popular medical/premedical page on Instagram possibly help with admissions?

    I'm just wondering if it would add up to my profile to make a medical social media page. It would be mainly about the progress of medicine these days, premed/med student motivation, etc. Considering I can get it to be popular, do you think admissions would see it as a plus having 25k+ followers...
  25. T

    Questions about dental consultants - Fortune and McKenzie.

    Hi, everyone. Do any of you have experience with dental consultants ? Have any of you worked with Fortune Management and/or McKenzie Management ? I have contacted a few dental consultants about the possibility to open a practice but so far have been very uncomfortable about them and their...
  26. R

    Existential Crisis: Medicine v Consulting

    I'm a 2014 graduate dealing with a dilemma. I have always, since I was two years old, wanted to be a physician. In HS I was a medical volunteer, certified EMT, and even went to a specialized Math & Science HS. In College, I majored in Biology, did all of my EC's, got great professor rec's, did...