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Apr 25, 2006
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Hey, everybody! I wanted to share this opportunity with everybody on SDN.

I work part time as a child psychiatrist, and work from home the rest of the week as a consultant for Rodan and Fields (who also developed Proactiv!). I was previously working 60+ hours/week with call (as most attendings do), but when I became a mother, I couldn't stand the idea of missing all of my daughter's "firsts," or the idea of our nanny spending more time with my baby then I did. I belong to a facebook group called "Physician Moms Group" (highly recommend if there are any mothers out there!) and found quite a few mom docs who were consulting for Rodan and Fields, working fewer clinical hours, spending time with their families, with the more established consultants making substantially more than the average medical resident. On top of that, you get a monster huge discount on the skincare products.

I think this opportunity is ideal for medical students (I wish I had started consulting back when I was a med student!) because you can work from your phone/laptop whenever you want, you're given a website that clients can buy products from, and unlike other companies like LuLaRoe, etc, you don't have to buy or maintain stock. There is also no minimum requirement for sales.

My team - I believe - is unique in that we have quite a few mom docs. I don't know about you guys, but medical school didn't teach much on business, how to sell yourself (which you WILL have to learn after residency when looking for a job), and taught even less about how to maintain a work-life balance for those of us with families. I believe that being a consultant for Rodan and Fields has made me a more well rounded individual, and has given myself, and the other docs on my team, a healthy balance in life.

Please feel free to be curious and ask questions :)

You can check out the products and the website at:

I also have a much more extensive and detailed document about Rodan and Fields which I'm happy to email to people.
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