controlled substances

  1. D

    Best Response for a C2 Stock Check?

    Does anyone ever get calls from patients asking for a C2 “stock check?” Every single time I get this question I get nervous because I’m not sure how to respond, especially since I have been through a robbery regarding C2s within the last year. What would you say?
  2. B

    30 day limits per fill for C-III drugs and patient access issues

    I came across an interesting question from a friend up in Massachusetts, where state law limits schedule III controlled substances to a 30-day supply per fill (Section 23). Say you have a patient who has a real allergy to the cottonseed oil that testosterone cypionate is suspended in, so they...
  3. A

    CII written by resident in hospital that uses Hospital's DEA#

    The other day I received an oxycodone 10mg script #360 pills. After putting it in our system, the system flags that the DEA # isn't matching to the prescriber. I checked PMP but couldn't find anything on the patient since the Rx was from another state. When I called the hospital, I found out...
  4. rxboy1996

    90 day refills on Control 3-5

    I know this may vary by state laws, I am in North Carolina. Can a refill on a medication that is C3-5 be for 90 days? Here a situation that happened. Prescribed Klonopin 0.5 mg #30 1 po qd with 5 refills. Patient picked up initial #30 then a month later wanted it refilled for #90 because...
  5. Heist

    Are pts on my allowed to be prescribed c2?

    I think dea rules prohibit mj people to get controlled subs. What dea regs do you know for c2? Links are helpful. Thanks
  6. Statin

    Illinois Controlled Substance Laws?

    What are the laws regarding having multiple controls on the same prescription? Whether it be two or more schedule II controlled substances or two schedule III - V on the same prescription sheet or a mix of both C II-C V? I tried doing some googling but couldn't narrow down my search but couldn't...