1. A

    Physics Unit Conversions?

    Hey everyone, Was just wondering if y'all could help me come up with some common physics unit values that would be good to memorize for the MCAT. So far I have: 1 Watt/ = 1J/S = kg m^2 / s^3 1 N= 1 kg m / s^2 1 J = 1 N m = 1 kg m^2/ s^2 Hz = 1/ sec Speed = m/s Acc= m / s^2 1 C= 1 amp...
  2. F


  3. Q

    Conversion vs Dissociative Disorders

    What's the difference between a conversion disorder and dissociative disorder? All my Google research has said they're pretty much the same thing but one of the questions on the AAMC Practice Test 2 has a question about them with both conversion and dissociative disorders as separate answers.
  4. ancora imparo

    Help with credit conversion/prerequisite!

    Hi all. I'm finishing up a post bac program at a university on the semester system. Right before starting, I took a 4 unit chemistry course at a UC extension school which uses the quarter system. My post bac school considers this equivalent to their gen chem 1, and allowed me to move on to Gen...
  5. amariesa

    New AADSAS conversion scale for Canadians?

    Many Canadian universities use number grades for their students and in the past, AADSAS used each school's conversion format to allow students to enter equivalent numerical grades. This year, AADSAS updated their application and asked students to enter a percentage grade instead - update...
  6. M

    examkrackers practice test conversion

    Hi everyone! For those of you completing the EK full-lengths, would you happen to know of any reliable way to convert the % score to actual MCAT score? Or maybe you can recount your experience i.e. how did your performance on the EK practice exams correlate with the actual exam performance...
  7. A

    Raw Score Conversion Table 2016

    Hello! I'm having problems finding a raw score conversion table. There isn't one on the ADA exam (http://www.ada.org/~/media/OAT/Files/oat_sample_test.pdf?la=en) and I've found one from an old exam (http://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/score-conversion-chart.1143248), but the reading...
  8. davethebarbarian