core rotations

  1. CrazyHorseLady

    Advice Needed: The school put me at a site where the town has shootings and crime on the daily

    Hi guys hope everyone enjoyed the holiday: I just started my psychiatry rotation on Tuesday and luckily have not had to go in since. The site, despite me reaching out to them numerous times, did not give me their address till Monday morning, so I only knew exactly where it was 24 hours before...
  2. R

    Didn't honor in OB core rotation HELP

    Hi friends, I've been wanting to pursue OB since forever. I finished my third year OB rotation back in July which I loved but it turns out, six months and after the fact, my preceptor decided to give me my poorest evaluation yet (gave me multiple 4/5s and some 3/5s- no comments explaining why.)...
  3. C

    2018 - SGU Clinical Selection for Texas Residency

    My wife is currently in term 5 and is finalizing clinical rotation selections. From what I’ve read Texas has specific ACGME clinical requirements for obtaining residency in Texas. My question is how are we to choose an affiliated hospital if not ALL rotations are ACGME accredited for one single...
  4. A

    Clinical Rotations/Electives at hospitals that don't require Core Rotations to be completed?

    I'm an Eastern European medical student looking to do a couple of elective rotations this coming summer. I've spent the last month or so looking at every medical school in the US in order to do these rotations, and every single one that accepts international students requires that you have your...
  5. ray656712

    Jefferson Regional Medical Center, Pine Bluff, AR

    Does anyone have any information on the 3rd year core rotation sites in Pine Bluff? I'm specifically interested in the quality of their peds and surgery rotations. Thanks