1. D

    Is it possible to work for a corp or private office 3 days a week?

    I was looking to work essentially 3 days on 4 days off. Is this possible? Could I possibly do 3 10-12 hour shifts as a dentist working for a corp or private office as an associate? Is this something that needs to be negotiated? If you have personal experiences with this please let me know!
  2. Biggytooth

    Is Corporate Dentistry Less of a Threat to the Specialties?

    Hey all, I am in the midst of determining what dental school I will be able to attend this coming fall. I have an offer of admission from an expensive private school and am still praying to get into my state school. The entire situation has me thinking about my future quite a bit, as well as...
  3. C

    Banfield Pros and Cons

    Im currently in the middle of my 3rd year of vet school, and am kind of having a minor panic attack about the fact that I havent really found my niche yet. Im interested in many facets of vet med, but I havent found that one thing that I feel like I could be really passionate about. Ive had the...
  4. Stanelz

    Corporate Dentistry is the Devil and the Profession is Dead..or is it?

    Now that I have click baited you into this post I just wanted to share my experience with corporate dentistry from a corporate dentistry assistant for the last year and a half since it has been painted in such a negative light on this forum. Take my thoughts lightly as I am an assistant and...
  5. 7

    Is anyone else scared about the future of dentistry?

    For some reason I've been reading a ton of articles on the rise of DSO's and the group model, and it makes dentistry seem like a less desirable profession the more I read about it. People like Marc Cooper make it seem like every dentist in the future is going to be a corporate slave taking...
  6. B


    Hi All, I am in my fourth year of DS. My wife and I currently live in a nice area, but aren't sure we want to live here forever. My wife really likes her current job, so it appears like we are going to stay where we have been for a couple years (2-3). Because of this, I am thinking I may go...
  7. TheToothTamer

    Corporate Dentistry Details

    Hey guys! I'm new to the forums and this is my first post+pad+!! Not sure if this question has been asked before, but I'm curious if anyone can provide details regarding corporate dentistry (maybe someone knows firsthand from practicing dentistry at AspenDental or Great Expressions). My...
  8. Samin23

    The future of dentistry

    So these last few days, I've been shadowing a general dentist in my area. Today, we got to talking about the future of dentistry. He immediately became frustrated when I asked him what his thoughts are on the subject, as he believes dentistry will not be the same because of the control the...
  9. S

    Freedom in the veterinary field

    Dear SDN folks, I am a sophomore Molecular Biology major at a university in Florida. I am doing well, I have a 3.80 GPA so far and am currently enrolled in Chemistry, Physics, Microbiology and Statistics. I am very interested in the field of veterinary medicine and am on track with my...