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  1. Rosalind_Franklin

    Issue with Coursework section of AMCAS

    Hello, I have tried to call the AMCAS hotline several times, but was told to call later by the answering machine as I am sure they are all so busy, especially this time of year. Regarding my AMCAS application and the Coursework section, I have a major issue. Whenever I try to input my AP...
  2. A

    Course Number Error

  3. A

    PTCAS Course Verification Deadline Question

    Hey! This is my first post so my apologies if anything is wrong. I'm posting because I am very confused about PTCAS's shockingly long 4-6 week processing time. I submitted my application yesterday, and have a deadline on December 1. Everything has been in for a while, but my courses aren't...
  4. uhds

    Transcript Entry Course Title/Subject

    Hello everyone! My transcripts lists a course as "Interpersonal Comun I" should I list it in the Course Title as "Interpersonal Comun I" or do I list it as "Interpersonal Communication I"? For Course Subject: There's a bunch of choices now, it's not listed just as Biology, Chemistry...
  5. HopefulDoc91

    When to submit application?

    Applications open this Thursday, May 4th. I've been planning on submitting right when they open this week. But recently I've been thinking about holding off. I know once I submit all the coursework is locked and you can't update until the next academic update, which is usually in the fall. I am...
  6. C

    AMCAS Courses: Include Department?

    My transcript has the course like this: CHEM L07 111A 3.0 (grade) It is a chemistry course worth 3 credits. L07 is like the department code for the chemistry department. When I enter this course into AMCAS should I use the whole "CHEM L07 111A" for the course number or just "CHEM 111A" ...