PTCAS Course Verification Deadline Question

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Nov 27, 2017
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Hey! This is my first post so my apologies if anything is wrong. I'm posting because I am very confused about PTCAS's shockingly long 4-6 week processing time. I submitted my application yesterday, and have a deadline on December 1. Everything has been in for a while, but my courses aren't verified yet. I got help from older students and called PTCAS a few times to try my best to prevent any errors. However, I'm confused about whether my application will be rejected if there is an error in my courses (or really just the subject I selected for them). I realize it will be sent back to me so that I can resolve any of the issues, but will I have to re-submit the application (which will clearly be late by that point)? I downloaded a PDF of my application, so I can show the school I am applying to that everything was in on time. I had never heard of the processing course time being an issue for deadlines, so I was not expecting to worry about this. Any input would be appreciated!


Nov 5, 2017
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Yes! It happened to me with some transcripts. I submitted my application 4 days before the deadline to one of the programs I applied to and PTCAS returned it. I had to make some corrections which included ordering transcripts and have them verify them. Luckily everything worked out and my application was verified a day before the deadline, but it wasn't easy. I had to overnight the transcripts which was expensive and then hope they would verify them within those 4 days.


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Jan 6, 2017
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At this point of the application cycle, they are much less busy and I would expect them to have your coursework verified in only a few days or less (assuming they have already received and processed all of your transcripts). They say 4-5 weeks because they get the majority of their applications right before that first deadline in October so it can take a long time to process them all. It also depends on how many transcripts you have and how long they are. Personally, I think it's to stress people into submitting early so they don't end up with a pile up of applications.

As far as transcript entry goes, I'm under the impression that they only send it back if there are a lot of errors or if there are significant ones. If you entered the courses and grades exactly as they are on the transcript you should be fine. They do seem to be a little more lenient with the subjects. I tried to match my subjects as closely as possible, but I noticed they had changed a few without having to send it back to me for correction. I'm not sure about how schools handle deadlines for people who have to resubmit their application, but if you at least have them fixed and resubmitted before 11:30 ET on Friday you should be good. Your coursework doesn't have to be verified before the school's deadline, just submitted. Hope that helps!