When to submit application?


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Jun 21, 2015
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    Applications open this Thursday, May 4th. I've been planning on submitting right when they open this week. But recently I've been thinking about holding off. I know once I submit all the coursework is locked and you can't update until the next academic update, which is usually in the fall. I am retaking a chem class right now but I won't have my final grade until after memorial day. It's important that schools get this new grade because it raises my science GPA above 3.2. Should I just wait and submit my application after my transcript is updated at the end of May? I don't know if I want to risk schools get my < 3.2 sGPA and screening me out...it also says on AACOMAS website that schools don't get applications until June 15th. So maybe I don't need to rush to submit on day 1? Any advice is appreciated, thanks.


    Good luck everyone applying this year!
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    Dec 26, 2015
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      Don't forget, most schools do not look at your application until about mid-June. I would encourage you to apply early, but then update your transcripts before June to ensure that all the schools see all your information


        I don't know if things are changing this cycle, but I submitted my AACOMAS much later than June and I got acceptances. I don't know how many schools auto-screen a 3.2 sGPA, but just to be safe, I don't think you need to rush.
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        Aug 4, 2015
        1. Medical Student
          When you absolutely ready to hit that submit button. Also, please be mindful if you apply for fee assistance, you have about 1-2 days to submit, I think.
          But no rush, submit when you take an overall look at everything and satisfy with it.
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