1. dr.ddental

    Break Down (23 AA) & CrackDAT review

    Alright! So I’m pretty new here and have mostly just been lurking on here, but I really wanted to review this software. Also, in case you need reassurance about what feels like crappy studying.. So basic stats and GPA: DAT: AA 23 TS 22 OC 26 GC 21 BIO 22 RC 30 QR 16 ☹️ PAT 19 GPA...
  2. O

    How is Crack the DAT?

    Hi everyone, I just recently bought DAT destroyer which i plan on going through twice by December, and simultaneously using CrackDAT. I was curious how Crack the DAT is? What people recommend and how it relates? Thank you
  3. RMedin

    What's up with Crack DAT Website?

    I just want to get the Royal Flush software so that I can do PAT tests. The website changed. Is anyone else having this problem?
  4. briggsinator2

    PAT - Ready for it?

    Hey guys, First time taking my DAT--looking at taking it next week. Here are my Bootcamp/CrackDat PAT scores. Am I ready? CDP 21/22/21/22/22/23/22/21/21/22 DAT BC 21/21/20/21/21/20/21/21/21/22 I don't really know what to expect in terms of difficulty for the real deal, because I've heard...
  5. Fancy312


    Hi guys, I am just going to be upfront and let anyone who is willing to help me that I am in desperate need of TFE and Hole punching. Its gotten to the point where I went and bought a hole puncher just so I can realize what mistakes I keep doing. For Crack Dat I pretty much cringe after seeing...
  6. T

    CrackDAT coupon code

    Hi All, I am wondering if you know any CrackDAT coupon codes? Thank you very much!!
  7. F


    Okay is it just me, or is Crack DAT science super random and horrible? I feel like it's meant to trick you I did the OCHEM exam and I got an 18 !!!!!:rage: I'm good at OCHEM :(,. I got a 25 on the 2007 ADA test and a 21 on the 2009 ADA exam What do i do? What practice exam is closest to the...
  8. Fancy312


    Okay so, I have never posted on here, but I really, really need some last minute advice since my DAT is in one week. I have been doing the usual, DAT DESTROYER/ DATBOOTCAMP/ KAPLAN 2015 DAT BOOK/ FERALIS/CRACK DAT PAT section A lot of this has been overwhelming since I keep trying to focus on...