creighton pharmacy 2022

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    Creighton pharmacy stats help

    hey guys I was wondering if anyone here who has been accepted to the Creighton pharmacy school would be willing to share some insight and answer some questions.. I’m still in the process of taking my prereqs and I’m a strong student now; but unfortunately when I first attended college many...
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    Pharmacy School Decision: Howard or Creighton

    I got accepted to Howard University Class of 2022 in Washington DC. In addition I have at interview at Creighton University in Nebraska (applied to the long distance program). Still going to the interview, but in case I get accepted there also. Which school is better? I chose to apply to the...
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    Creighton Pharmacy Class of 2022

    Hello everyone! I don't see a thread started yet for Creighton University's Pharm.D Class of 2022 so I thought I would go ahead and start one. Just wondering where everyone is in the process and hoping to gain some helpful tips. My main question is what is the interview/acceptance rate? Does...