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    How to improve CR section for PCAT

    I just took my first full length exam, and I got a 413 (74th percentile). I'm hoping this will increase as I continue studying, as my exam is in the second week of September. My CR score is bringing my composite score down. For the CR section, I got a 406 (62nd percentile). According to my...
  2. S

    MCAT CARS Implication Questions

    Hi all. I noticed that I struggle with CARS questions that ask "the author implies what about ___?" and "what does the author imply by saying ___?" Mainly, I've missed questions for choosing the answer that was overtly stated, and I've missed questions for avoiding answers I thought were...
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    Took my first practice PCAT, 83%. Improving Critical Reading?

    Short background, entered college as pre-pharmacy. Junior year became interested in Med-School. Took MCAT June 2017, scored a 506 (average for accepted students, 71st percentile). After receiving my score I thought: "well, lets see what the PCAT is like". As I used a lot of Next Step material...
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    PCAT Scoring Issue - Need opinions

    Hi guys! I'm an undergraduate student that just completed her first year at a university as a direct admit to Pharmacy School in the Pre-pharmacy program. My overall cumulative GPA at the moment is 3.9. As direct admits, we are supposed to take the PCAT the summer after our first year and...
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    MCAT MCAT Tip: Will Reading Improve my MCAT Score?

    Will reading improve my reading comprehension abilities? Yes! Students that tend to have the easiest time on the Critical Reading section of the MCAT tend to be avid readers. And as you may know, 80 to 90 percent of MCAT questions are passage based questions. For this reason, improving your...
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    Free MCAT prep software.....for a limited time

    I am part of a team of professors that have worked with the company Adapt Prep (https://www.adaptprep.com/). This company has documented success in preparing students for CFA and Actuarial exams. We are currently in the process of developing commercial software to assist students in the CAR...