Took my first practice PCAT, 83%. Improving Critical Reading?

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Jun 8, 2015
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Short background, entered college as pre-pharmacy. Junior year became interested in Med-School. Took MCAT June 2017, scored a 506 (average for accepted students, 71st percentile). After receiving my score I thought: "well, lets see what the PCAT is like". As I used a lot of Next Step material for my MCAT prep I took their PCAT diagnostic exam while waiting for my Kaplan books to come in.

My scores were:
Biological Processes:...... 419SS.....84PR
Chemical Processes:.......426SS......91PR
Critical Reading:............379SS.....10PR
Quantitative Reasoning: 448SS.....97PR
Total: 418SS 83PR

OUCH Critical Reading!!!!
That was also my lowest subsection on the MCAT, although it was a 50th percentile subscore.

Currently planning on taking the PCAT in September. Perhaps that 10th percentile CR was a fluke, or maybe Next Step is not representative of the PCAT. I would like to hear some feedback on how to improve that critical reading score. I would like to get that score up to 60%+.

I will be sure to create a more detailed thread later about my MCAT/PCAT exam and admissions experience.

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I got a 96 PR on the critical reading which was actually really shocking for me since some of the passages were really confusing to read. All i can say is don't answer the questions like YOU think it should be answered. Answer it based on strictly the information in the passage. For example if you read an answer choice that seems really detailed and sensible, you might be inclined to choose that. But it may not be in line with the passage. I suggest you skim through the passage before looking at the questions though some might disagree.