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  1. baszilion

    25AA / 25PAT / 27TS [2018 DAT] - 2 months prep, materials, tips

    :) Hi all! I took my DAT a few weeks ago and just finished my AADSAS application. Now that I have some time on my hands I thought I'd make this in-depth post sharing my prep and experience in case it helps anyone out there. Here are my scores that I'm pretty happy with: 25 AA [27 TS] 25 PAT /...
  2. D

    Cliffs AP Bio or Dr. Romano Dynamite Bio - Bio review

    I was wondering which would be a better resource to study for the Bio section. Dr.Romanos Dynamite Bio is Huge but very detailed at the same time. I'm going to end up watching bio videos on youtube in addition to studying from either of these books anyway. Cliffs has been used for a while and...
  3. D

    Dat Breakdown

    DAT Breakdown below. 26AA | 28 TS | 30 OC | 27 GC | 26 Bio | 22 RC | 24 QR | 25 PAT Special thanks to Ari at DAT Bootcamp & DAT Destroyer. I am a non-traditional student who hasn't taken Biology in 10 years, work full-time, and am not a "good" test taker. My only opportunities to study were...
  4. niagra_falls


    so i just completed the first 87 questions in the bio section of the destroyer and i only got 53 of the 87 questions correct. I don't know if i should be happy or if i'm on the right track. so far the questions i got wrong were either material i haven't gone over, silly mistakes and things ive...
  5. P

    dat bio destroyer 2016 and relevant questions to cliffs ap bio chapters

    Hey Guys, I was wondering if somebody has done this and can possibly tell me which dat destroyer bio 2016 questions correspond to the concepts in the ap bio cliffs book. Basically just wanted to know if I read chapter 2 in cliffs which is on chemistry what questions can I do in destroyer...
  6. collegebraceface

    DAT Breakdown! AA:24

    Hey there! Just took my DATs today and I wanted to share my thoughts and personal experience before I happily forget about it all. My Scores: PAT: 22 QR:23 RC:21 Biology: 26 GC: 22 OC: 27 TS: 24 AA: 24 Study Time: 7 weeks...consistently 8-12 hours per day. I would actually recommend 5-6 weeks...
  7. A

    Dat Bootcamp Subject Test

    I was wondering what is the best way to utilize the subject test for dat bootcamp.
  8. A

    DAT AA

    How hard is it to get a 19AA on the DAT, and how long should you study for in preparation for this score hypothetically speaking?
  9. D

    DAT Biology Question Distribution

    I know that you can't trust everything on the internet, but what would you say the accuracy of this chart is?