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    DAT Breakdown AA24 TS22

    Hello! I thought I’ll make a DAT breakdown; I’ve read so many of these while I was studying and they were really helpful, so I’ll add mine to the mix! I just took my DAT this morning (sorry if there are typos, my brain is still really fried). Scores:: AA: 24, TS:22 Resources used: DATBooster...
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    Dat Breakdown

    DAT Breakdown below. 26AA | 28 TS | 30 OC | 27 GC | 26 Bio | 22 RC | 24 QR | 25 PAT Special thanks to Ari at DAT Bootcamp & DAT Destroyer. I am a non-traditional student who hasn't taken Biology in 10 years, work full-time, and am not a "good" test taker. My only opportunities to study were...
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    Just finished my DAT !! 21AA (really happy but kinda worried, need advice)

    Hey Guys, I just finished my DAT and I've specifically created an account just to give back and give advice. Literally made it after my exam haha. My score is not super high by any means, lol this website is filled with 24's. I am proud of how I did I studied literally all summer and I'm...
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    DAT Breakdown!

    Hello everyone! I finally took my DAT today, and I am ecstatic to be done with it. First and foremost, I would like to thank Nancy from Destroyer, Ari from Bootcamp, those who gave me great advice last night, and everyone who has posted a DAT breakdown in the last 4 years. So my scores from...