dat study schedule

  1. TopscoreDAT


    TopscoreDAT 12 weeks programs, is a well structured online course with a daily schedule. The course program will smart track your progress, for better understanding of your improvement. Every on demand video or question in our exams will be effective in breaking down the hardest concepts on the...
  2. 1TrickUnicorn

    DAT Breakdown in 4 weeks (Scored: 26AA/ 30PAT)

    Hey everyone! I took my DAT recently and did pretty well for studying under 4 weeks. I thought it would be worthwhile making a thread for students who are in a time crunch and want to get the most out of their studying time like I did. Here is my score breakdown and how I prepared: PAT: 30 QR...
  3. A

    DAT Study Partner in Williamsburg/Newport News/Hampton, Virginia

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a DAT study partner in the Williamsburg/Newport News/ Hampton Virginia Area. If you are serious and interested please hit me up thanks!
  4. E

    DAT Studying Plan Over Winter Break - Your Thoughts/Advice?

    Hello everyone, I've been lurking for quite some time now and decided I needed some advice and peace of mind on my ideas for the DAT prep, since I've already seen some amazing support system on other posts! I currently have a 4.0 GPA (including Chem 1&2, Ochem 1&2, Bio 1&2, Biochem, Anatomy &...
  5. IdleKoala

    Rate my DAT Study Schedule. Advice Welcome!

    Hello all, I am new to this forum as of last night, and let me tell you, this forum has already been an invaluable resource to me! The community on here seems to be amazing and super motivated! Very inspiring, but also intimidating! I wish the best to all of us and hope that we can encourage...
  6. Doggieloverr52

    DAT Studying Methods

    Hi I just graduated and I want to take my DAT in August. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on DAT preparation courses? I would really like to get the best bang for my buck even if that means spending a little extra. Any suggestions? Also what are the best ways of studying? I want to make...
  7. D

    BRAND NEW DAT Study Material CHEAP!!!

    I am selling the following materials at competitive prices; 2015 DAT DESTROYER [brand new] $115 2015 MATH DESTROYER [brand new] $50 2015 Organic Chem Odyssey [brand new] $90 Cliffs AP Bio third edition - [brand new; unmarked] $5 Kaplan lesson book [marked; with notes + answers] $25 Kaplan...
  8. K

    TL;DR Easy 4 week DAT Study Schedule

    might as well do this since I was looking for a short, concise schedule to study for the DAT but they were all so lengthy and complicated so i had to make my own. made 23 bio, 23 genchem, 24 orgo, 27 reading, 30 QR, 23 PAT, and 23 TS 25 AA in case ya'll dont believe my study sched worked :< I...
  9. G

    Study Tips for the DAT

    I just first wanna start with a few huge thank yous, especially to the number of other people who have posted VERY useful tips of all kinds on SDN. Also, to Ari, at DAT Bootcamp, his site was great for practicing timing and overall learning types of material on the tests. I apologize for the...