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TopscoreDAT 12 weeks programs, is a well structured online course with a daily schedule. The course program will smart track your progress, for better understanding of your improvement. Every on demand video or question in our exams will be effective in breaking down the hardest concepts on the DAT into their simplest form.

TopscoreDAT will provide you not only with a set of practice exams per session but also with the full college atmosphere with quizzes, midterms, pop quiz and finals. Also, over 18 full-length practice tests, and over 50 hours of recorded lectures with detailed study notes, you will be prepared to answer all the possible topics asked on the DAT and more. We provide our students with 3 – month access to our course that includes live assistance and mentorship.

What sets us apart beside the quality of our content , is the exceptional support that you will receive. We love what we do, and its shown in our work.

We are the best way to prepare for the DAT exam.​

  • TopscoreDAT maintains the highest DAT course average across the nation with a Total Sciences score (TS) average of 24, and an overall DAT score average of 22.6 preparing over 1000 students each year.
  • 90% of the students who have completed our DAT Course have scored within the top 10% in the nation and have become a part of TopscoreDAT the 20+ Stars Club.
  • TopscoreDAT creators, founders and expert instructors have all scored a 24 or above on their DAT.
  • One-on-one personalized support with instructors
  • Direct contact with mentors that will guide you from the beginning to the end.
  • 3-month access to our software
  • High scores guaranteed*

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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