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  1. NewtonStar

    2020 DAT Breakdown (Scores: 26AA/25PAT – 99th Percentile)

    Hey guys! So I took the DAT recently and scored pretty well!!! I’m so relieved to have finally finished this exam, it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, especially because this was the second time I took the DAT. The first time I took the test was in February, but I...
  2. H

    DAT Study buddy in Houston, TX

    Hello, If anyone is interested in studying for the DAT together, I have most of the popular DAT study tools & Subscriptions and don't mind sharing. Direct Message me :) Let's conquer this test together!
  3. Auntymarkovnikov

    How did YOU use DAT Destroyer?? <Destroyer Review>

    I pretty much just want to see how destroyer has helped different people: How did you use DAT destroyer? How did it help you? After taking the DAT, would you have gone back in time and used Destroyer differently? Any feedback would be great. I am about to go through it for the second time. Exam...
  4. L

    Study Frustration

    Hey guys, I am in my first week of studying for the DAT (taking them 2nd of August). I follow Ari's study guide and change them a bit to better fit what I need to study more or less. I am religiously looking through threads and reading what other people are doing to study. Most people suggest...
  5. K

    TL;DR Easy 4 week DAT Study Schedule

    might as well do this since I was looking for a short, concise schedule to study for the DAT but they were all so lengthy and complicated so i had to make my own. made 23 bio, 23 genchem, 24 orgo, 27 reading, 30 QR, 23 PAT, and 23 TS 25 AA in case ya'll dont believe my study sched worked :< I...
  6. A

    Organic Chemistry Reactions

    I'm having trouble dealing/memorizing Organic Chemistry Reactions. Are there any sort of online simulator's that has just reactions? Or anyone recommend any advice? I've just completed destroyer for Ochem & it helped me out, but not enough. I'm going to review it again in upcoming 2-3 weeks...