1. T

    UNC (IS) vs. Harvard

    I recently got accepted to UNC and Harvard, and am rather conflicted on which one to choose. I intend to specialize upon graduating dental school, and hope to explore academia if possible. With both schools having exceptional programs and unique strengths, I am having trouble choosing one over...
  2. bcsuccess

    3 years college then Dental School? (Highschool Senior)

    Hey Everyone, so I made a thread about this months ago, but since college is almost here I wanted an updated opinion. So long story short I am a highschool student, last semester left :D .... I am very interested in dentistry, I love the fact you can own your own businesses and also help others...
  3. Boise State Bronco

    What else can I be doing?

    I am applying to dental school in June, so these next 6 months are very important. I have a 3.8/3.9 gpa, I've been shadowing a dentist and plan to shadow others. I worked as a developmental therapist for over a year, I have 150+ volunteer hours with refugees, I work as a biology lab materials...
  4. 56101991

    Endodontist Job Market

    Any endodontists care to share what your experiences have been like in the first few years out of residency? Is it difficult to get full-time positions and have busy schedules? What are some starting salary figures one can expect (will finish residency with roughly 400k debt)? Thx.
  5. W

    AMA for Pre-dentals Going into this cycle.

    Hey everyone, I wanted to offer out some help to those who want it. Currently I am bored and home for the summer. Therefore, to entertain myself and help others I decided to do an AMA on applying, interviews, traveling to interviews, December 1st, pre-December and post-December interviews...