dental career

  1. Sana Sazegar

    Business aspect of Dentistry

    Hi, I am currently a pre dental student and since I know dental schools don't focus on the business aspect of dentistry I would love to know your suggestions. Instead of the traditional way of "opening my own practice and scale my business by opening more offices", does anyone have any...
  2. S

    Free (Giving away) Specialty Finder - Dentist & Specialists

    Specialty Finder helps dentists instantly find specialists that compete for your business. We help increase production for both parties. No longer fear losing patients because of outside referrals. Increase patient retention & satisfaction by having specialists perform procedures in your...
  3. B

    Orthodontist Job

    Hello, I am looking to specialise in Orthodontics in the UK/Ireland. I have 2 years of experience as a General Dentist. Could someone please tell me how difficult it is to become an orthodontist? Is the Job more difficult compared to other specialities? Also, is there any future for an...
  4. B

    Midwestern MA or MABS

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew anything about either of these programs. From what it looks like the MA is a lot more research based with classes focusing on that where the MABS has a lot more in class science courses. My goal is to go on to dental school and I feel like I need to...
  5. D

    First Year In The Wild... a perspective from first-year practicing dentists

    I've noticed that there is a lot of chatter about the rise in corporate dentistry in the past few years... no doubt about it. When I graduated from dental school 1 year ago, many of my classmates went straight into corporate dentistry. Their reasons were variable, but mostly revolved around...