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  1. F

    NYU Dental Hygiene

    Hi everyone. I was just accepted to NYU's dental hygiene program which is housed in NYU College of Dentistry. I haven't been able to find any forum's on NYU Dental Hygiene program. Has anyone attended NYU for dental hygiene and can you tell me about the experience? (pros & cons, job placement...
  2. NolesFan1996

    Dental Hygienist to DDS?

    Hey y'all! I'm currently going through a difficult time deciding what I want to be when I grow up. I am a fourth year Biology student at FSU and will be graduating during the Fall 2018 semester. I am seriously unsure of what route to take with my future degree at this point. For the longest...
  3. bernas

    Dental Hygienist-FTD???

    Hi everyone, I am really confused. Earn money quickly or be patient and focus to be a dentist??? What do you think about completing a relatively inexpensive 2 years-Dental Hygiene Program as a ftd? Is it wasting time? I am pleased that you share your experiences. Thank you.
  4. C

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  5. A

    BSDH as a backup?

    I've seen most people discourage students of getting a bachelors in dental hygiene if they know they want to become a dentist, but what about as a "just in case?" I have interest in becoming a dentist, but the issue is I don't know if I'm strong enough in chemistry to get accepted/graduate d...
  6. R

    Should I retake the DAT again?

    I am a dental hygienist of 8 years. My overall GPA is a 3.3 and TS 3.3. I know that is low but my current coursework (bio 1&2, chem 1&2, physics, ochem, and biochem) is a 3.9 GPA. That was over the past year while working part time as a hygienist. Also, I have a baby and a 5 year old. I hope...
  7. adk0922

    DH to Dentist as back up plan

    Okay so let me explain my situation I am 25 have not gone to school at all other than one semester and have gotten nutrition as my only prerequisite done so I am at the beginning stage of everything. I'm recently divorced and have 2 kids so here's my question/idea/situation My plan was to do a...