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Jan 16, 2016
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Okay so let me explain my situation I am 25 have not gone to school at all other than one semester and have gotten nutrition as my only prerequisite done so I am at the beginning stage of everything. I'm recently divorced and have 2 kids so here's my question/idea/situation

My plan was to do a bachelor's degree in dental hygiene as simple as that (not saying dh is simple just my plan don't need anyone being offended) but my dream has always been to be a dentist I just figured I didn't have the time or the money to do that when I have two mouths to feed and a very generous mother letting me crash on her couch.

However I recently found out that the military will cover tuition cost for dental school once accepted so I thought maybe I would do that route after dental hygiene and if it didn't pan out I would always have my dental hygiene degree. Is there any way this could possibly work or but I still need more prerequisites to qualify for dental school?

I know the dental hygienist to dentist questions been asked before but the situation is a little different here so I hope I can get a good response or some advice. I really just need to do what's best for my family so I need a backup in case dental school doesn't work out. And I have a backup if I don't get into the dental hygiene school as well so I'm covered there. I just need to know if anyone can help me figure out the logistics of it all I'm new to all this and I need to make All the Right Moves as I don't have the time to waste doing the wrong thing with kids involved

Thank you for reading and I appreciate any answers sorry if any of the terminology was incorrect or I'm wrong about certain things like I said this is new to me I've been researching dental hygiene for quite a while but dental school is a whole new idea well dream

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