dental interview

  1. Claudillea

    California Schools 2021-2022 Application Cycle

    Has there been interview invites for California schools - International Dental Programs, like from UCLA, USC, Western, etc (i know UCSF already started sending out invites)?
  2. Typical Average Student

    *~*~*TMDSAS 2020*~*~*

    Tempus fugit; TMDSAS opens today. Feel free to ask any questions. School & Acceptance/Rejection/Interview: Notification date: Method of notification: Email Residency: TMDSAS mail-out date: GPA (science, overall): DAT (AA/TS/PAT/Reading/any section below a 17): Dates available OR your interview...
  3. Avacado0o

    Has anyone transferred from a 4 year to another 4 year university?

    I'm curious if anyone has changed schools here. I transferred from one 4 year university to another because frankly, I hated with the grading system (It has +/- and the A- (90-92) was destructive to my GPA). The curriculum was also very heavy and they didn't teach that well but they had high...
  4. F


    Retook my DAT today and these are my scores: First attempt: AA18. TS19. Bio19. Orgo 19. GC 19. RC 16. QR 18. Pat 20 Second attempt: AA19. TS20. Bio19 Orgo 21 GC20 RC16 QR17 PAT19 English is my second language so I am having trouble with reading. What do you guys think of my chances of getting...
  5. S

    Dental School Interview

    Hey Everyone! I'm new to SDN, so please be nice (,and forgive any potentially ignorant things I will probably say about dentistry. I'm still learning.) I am currently a sophomore at my local state school (in VA), and I am trying to set my self up for a straight entrance from undergrad into...
  6. Zentist007

    Can Dental Students write scholarly yet practical articles?

    Are you a dental student who also likes writing CREATIVE blogs/articles to current or trending issues in the dentistry? The web is full of boring messages that current dental patients have hard time connecting with...only new generation can change it. Some topics could be: Affordability...
  7. V

    University of Colorado Interview information

    So i have an interview for UC SDM on jan 12 and im excited!! I have alot of questions if anyone can help me out. Does anyone know the Interview/acceptance schedule? What I mean by this is that (for example) VCU has its first wave of interviews before december than the first wave of...