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    Hey tooth-lovers— I wanted your honest opinion on what dental specialty has the best lifestyle to income ratio out of ENDO, PEDO, ORTHO, and OMFS. This factors in income as a specialist, time with family during specialty training and after, and the foreseeable future of the program. So let’s...
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    Mentor ship for OMFS

    Hey all!! I’m a 2nd year dental student at University of Melbourne and I’m looking for someone to share some information with me regarding the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery! Recently I had the opportunity to shadow the OMFS at the local hospital and the field caught my attention! I...
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    OMFS Residency as an FTD?

    Being almost done my first year of Dental school and going to second year, I was lucky to get some exposure to a few of the dental specialties and OMFS caught my attention. It is to my understanding that in North America there are 4 and 6 year programs with the 6 year programs granting a MD. My...
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    Dental schools providing H1B visa for Dental speciality Residencies

    Hi, I am an international dentist from India, considering a move to the US for doing a 2-year residency in one of the specialties. I wanted to know which dental schools provide an H1B visa for dental residents. The residency usually pays a stipend and hence F1 visa is not really an option. Are...
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    Dental Residency in Turkey

    Hello I just completed my internship and hoping to have my residency in turkey. is it possible? If yes what are the requirements I should have?