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Feb 7, 2018
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Being almost done my first year of Dental school and going to second year, I was lucky to get some exposure to a few of the dental specialties and OMFS caught my attention. It is to my understanding that in North America there are 4 and 6 year programs with the 6 year programs granting a MD. My program being a direct-entry dental school I technically don't have a bachelors degree so I'm assuming the 6 programs are out of the question since I wouldn't meet their med school requirements. So I'm mostly interested in the 4 year programs.
Being an FTD there are not many programs I can apply to, there are only 2-3 programs in US accepting FTD and since my program is accredited in Canada I can also apply to those programs.
Now my main question is whether its worth it to go through all the steps if my end goal is OMFS. The aspect of OMFS that caught my attention was mostly their vast scope of procedures (H&N Surgery, Craniomaxillary surgery, reconstructive surgery and etc.), I wouldn't want to go to OMFS and at the end do only extractions and implants, I would definitely want to do more than that.
Now to give a bit of perspective, I would be done school at 23. I understand OMFS residency is extremely competitive and only the best of the best get in. My main concern is whether if by any chance is possible I can be a competitive candidate without International Dentistry training? Meaning apply as an international student without any US credentials? How can I make myself a more attractive candidate?
Secondly, would it be worth it if I go to an International Dentistry program (2 years) and then apply? Considering the cost is so much, would it be worth it? Or would it be more worth it to do an internship or AEGD or GPR program?
My school doesn't have a OMFS program so I've only been toying with the idea of how OMFS is in the real world. If anyone can give any insight on the field of OMFS? Much would be appreciated.
At this stage, it is more of my 2nd/3rd choice. For first choice I've been really keened and interested in Implant dentistry and Prosthodontics. I'm also interested in so called "cosmetic" dentistry and restorative dentistry but thats a whole new story.
Going to second year I want to have a few specialties in my mind and know what to look out for in the upcoming years.
Thanks everyone in advance.