dental school bad grade

  1. D

    Can I get into Dental School?

    Hello, I dumb-goofed this semester. I am a sophomore in college and currently have a 3.3 GPA. This semester, I took a light course load for several reasons. I pledged into a professional pre-health fraternity, my mom got diagnosed with Hepatitis B, my father was diagnosed with early on-set...
  2. Itsover

    Can I get an advice from current foreign dentists trying to come to the states ?

    Hello, Thank you for your time to read this page, I am in a phase of "what now", and its making me pretty stressful to think what i am suppose to for the future. I am a recent college graduate who wants to pursue dentistry but my grades (under 3.0) isnt good enough to even apply. I did...
  3. 8

    Will a bad grade ruin chances to dental school? (Chemistry)

    Okay, first off, I'm sorry If I'm one of those typical people on this site that complains about their grades, but I really just hope to hear some answers. I know what It takes to go to dental and I understand the grades you need to get in. I just finished Gen Chem 2 this semester. But not the...