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    Are these DAT scores good enough?

    DAT SCORES PAT 27 QR 24 RC 20 Bio 24 GChem 18 Ochem 19 TS 20 AA 21 Hello everyone, I took the DAT earlier this year and now that I am starting the application process, I am a bit anxious about my scores. I am an adult student, my GPA is about 3.3 and I still have 4th year of undergrad to...
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    Course Load in Undergrad

    Hello, I'm a 2nd year college student who just decided to Persue dentistry. I've taken a few science class that fulfill the requirements for dental school . Example: Fall 2014 Physics 2B - B Statistics- A Accounting 1B- A Total units - 13 Spring 2015 Bio 1 - A Intro to chemistry- A Medical...
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    **Official Dental School Waitlists Class of 2020**

    Has anyone been waitlisted and currently updating their resumes and sending in letters of intent? What else can we do as waitlisters to schools that are our number one choice? Any tips from people who have been waitlisted in the past and got accepted or deferred to the next year's class? Can we...
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    5 Months before Dental School Application.. Do I have a chance?

    I graduated this Fall 2015 majoring in Human Communications with a concentration in Practice and Professional Ethics. I have a minor in Statistics and did my year of inorganic chem, organic chem, physics, and one semester with Biology and biochem. I am planning on taking the DAT Spring 2016...
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    How to get into dental school with a 2.75 GPA

    I am finishing my last undergraduate semester at a top 20 university and would love nothing more than to gain acceptance into a U.S. Dental School. I am a biology major and currently have a 2.75 GPA. This is mainly due to my subpar academic performance during my first two and a half years; I had...
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    De La Salle University in Leon, Mexico (IDP PROGRAM)

    Hi everyone. I am interested in going to De La Salle University school of Dentistry and i had a few questions: 1) my father is american and my mother is mexican and she is a U.S. citizens. I don't speak spanish. I reside in California. Will De Le Salle dental school still accepted me? 2) Does...