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  1. S

    Non Traditional Student with Low 19 DAT and Accepted to Dental Schools

    Hey Everyone! I am writing this for those who are feeling discouraged on their pre-dental journey and need some words of encouragement. Today, I am 22 with multiple acceptances from my 2nd cycle applying to dental school. Glory be to God. I was accepted into 3 dental schools so far and...
  2. Harshavimal

    DDS after BDS

    I am Indian student and a undergraduate in BDS.I like to pursue DDS from USA what are my requirements to study, do I need any clinical experiences after completing BDS and what financial background should I have
  3. finneganmurphy

    Dental School List Hel?!

    Hi guys, Right now I am preparing to begin the process of applying to dental school. I haven't taken the DAT yet, but I will do so by mid July which is when I hopefully will get my app turned in. My question for y'all is does my school list look ? Should I include more schools? What other...