Non Traditional Student with Low 19 DAT and Accepted to Dental Schools

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Feb 29, 2024
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Hey Everyone!

I am writing this for those who are feeling discouraged on their pre-dental journey and need some words of encouragement. Today, I am 22 with multiple acceptances from my 2nd cycle applying to dental school. Glory be to God.

I was accepted into 3 dental schools so far and counting.. (Tufts, Indiana, and MWU-IL). I am waitlisted at ASDOH, waiting to hear back from MWU-AZ, and interviewing with MOSDOH in March.

My highest scores from my THIRD attempt were 19AA/19TS with a 16 in Math and 17 in Ochem. My GPA was a 3.85. I graduated with 2 bachelor's (English/Natural & Applied Sciences), a minor in Marketing, and 1.5yrs working as a Insurance Verification Specialist at a private dental office. I also did Dual Enrollment in High School.

This goes to show you that DAT's below 20's get accepted. May not be your number 1 choice but the schools mentioned above are all excellent programs! You don't need to major in Biology or get a 24 DAT. I'd argue that your character, extracurriculars, and experiences carry just as much if not more weight. I milked my personality and hobbies because I wanted to show admissions that I am more than a statistic/test score. That through my turbulent journey, I have proven that I am more than capable and worthy of becoming a dentist.

My advice, amplify your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Apply early and broadly matching with your application. Have stellar LORs, personal statement, and volunteer experience (s). Remember "quality over quantity." And most importantly.... enjoy the process! Everyone's journey is different, so do not give up, overstress, or compare and continue pushing through ;)

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