1. DDental777

    HELP ! Doing better on Dat destroyer then in bootcamp orgo

    Hi my exam is coming up this is mybsecond time taking it Im doing the orgo in the destroyer 2016 and its easier then the BC orgo How should i go about this ??
  2. bentley13

    3 Week Study Schedule (upon requests)

    A few people have requested to see my 3-week study schedule since I posted my breakdown . I scored a 25AA, 24TS, and 25PAT. I had 21 days of studying and 3 days of rest. Two of my rest days are not...
  3. A

    DAT Breakdown (AA26 OC30, GC30, TS27 PAT 21)!

    Hiiiiii, I recently created this account to share my story. I used the DAT Destroyer and Math Destroyer. I did the DAT destroyer 4 times and the Math Destroyer 2 times! Those books were so thorough and I would recommend them to anyone! If anyone has any other questions please let me know! I am...
  4. C

    which salt gives solution with ph less than 7

    which salt gives ph less than 7 NaBr LiBr AlCl3 KF two of these the book does the crossing of the H2O thing. isn't there a simpler way?