1. F

    UCLA vs UMass

    Hello! I am extremely grateful to be in this position and to have these opportunities. I would love some advice while making this decision! Thank you all so much! Some things to consider: I am not fixed on any speciality just yet. However, my interests currently lie in some competitive...
  2. R

    UCLA (Need-Based Scholarship) vs. UC Davis (Merit-Based Scholarship)

    Hey guys! I've been fortunate enough to receive acceptances at two wonderful locations, however, I'm struggling to decide which place would be a better fit for the next four years of my life. UCLA DGSOM vs UC Davis UCLA Pros: Prestige - may help with residency applications Attended undergrad...
  3. S


    Hi All, This application cycle is finally winding down for me. I've narrowed it down to two schools, NYU and UCLA. I'm California born and raised, and eventually I would love to settle down in Northern California, near my family and significant other. UCLA seems like a great fit in terms of...
  4. marcosma

    Choosing between applying to Drew/UCLA or just DGSOM?

    Hello! I am trying to figure out if I should apply to Drew/UCLA or just apply to DGSOM. I do have an interest in working with underserved populations and I have a good amount of experience working with underrepresented/first-gen/low-income high school students. I also worked in Anaheim in an...
  5. F

    UCLA PRIME (Westwood/DGSOM) vs. UCLA PRIME-Drew (UCLA/Charles Drew University)

    Trying to decide between the programs. I wish I had a better understanding between the differences between DGSOM and CDU/UCLA, but thinks change a bit when considering the additional support given at PRIME. It seems like UCLA Prime-Drew comes with more BENEFITS than just UCLA Prime, but what are...