1. D

    Firecracker Discount: 54% off!!!

    Firecracker is running a special - up to 54% off a subscription! I used FC to prep for Step 1 and ended up getting a 265+ on the exam. It also was extremely useful in preparing for course exams throughout medical school. Between the huge Q-bank, tens of thousands of flashcards, practice...
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    Firecracker Discount - over 50% off!!!

    Hey future docs, Firecracker is offering a huge discount this month - over 50% off a subscription! I personally used Firecracker to help me get a 265+ on Step 1, and I'm planning on using it for Step 2 prep as well. I like that it is a complete test prep program: questions, practice exams...
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    Free (Giving away) Firecracker Discount Code Coupon

    Firecracker was recently acquired by Wolters Kluwer, a big name in medical textbooks and education, and is better than ever. Put that tuition refund check to good use and purchase a subscription! I personally used Firecracker to prepare for Step 1 and it helped me reach a 265+ on the exam...
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    Firecracker Discount Referral Code: 40% off

    Up to 40% off a Firecracker subscription! Use the link below: Firecracker I took Step 1 a few months ago and received a 265+ I used many resources, one of which was Firecracker, and I found it very useful - both for USMLE and for school exams. Feel free to message me with any questions...
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    40% off Firecracker!!!

    Firecracker discount code. 40% off. Firecracker
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    Firecracker Referral Code!!!

    If you are interested in giving Firecracker a try for classes or board exam prep, feel free to use my referral code for a 40% discount! Firecracker really helped me with retaining information for Step 1 and I ended up getting a 266. I'm using the Q-bank now for my third year shelf exams. If...
  7. thed0ctor

    Does UNiDAYS support medical residents in their student discounts?

    Hey all, A lot of big-time subscriptions such as Apple Music and Spotify use UNiDAYS for student verification to offer student discounts on their prices. While residency does pay us, it is also still academic by definition. I am wondering what your experiences have been, whether UNiDAYS has...
  8. medlife2017

    Firecracker discount

    Hey guys, follow this link to sign up for firecracker and you'll get a great discount. Lmk if you have any questions. Firecracker - Refer a Friend
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    Firecracker Discount Code Coupon

    Hey future docs, Firecracker was recently bought by Wolters Kluwer, so there should be some exciting updates coming out soon. I personally used Firecracker extensively during my second year of medical school and felt like it prepared me for USMLE Step 1 (I get my scores in a week, so I'll give...
  10. R

    USMLE-rx qbank discount??

    Hi all, Anyone know of a USMLE-rx discount code that's available for the 12 mo qbank? Would really appreciate it as a poor medical student. Thank you!
  11. L

    Firecracker 50% off discount if anyone is interested

    Hey everyone. Firecracker has been adding a ton of new features, and the price is set to increase soon. If you are interested in locking in a low price now to prepare for Step 1, feel free to use my referral code: You'll get a year subscription for $180. Good luck...
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    Step 1 360 for just 199 @[email protected]

    12-month USMLE-Rx 360 Step 1 (Qmax/First Aid Express Videos/First Aid Flash Facts combo subscription): $199 Use promo code: S2SUPR36TRIP12M 8/3/17-9/3/17
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    USMLE Rx Step 1 Discount Code (50% off)

    I am sharing a discount code for the USMLE Rx 360 12 month package. This provides you with access to all their content. I know I will be doing all the practice questions from USMLE Rx, Kaplan, and UWorld before Step. Only available for a limited amount of time. This is a 50% discount from their...
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    Giving Away Free Firecracker Discount (Best Out There)

    Hello all, I have been using firecracker while at Wayne and I highly recommend getting a subscription for any medical student out there that wants to keep up with material for the step exam. If you decide to get it, please use my referral code, which will give you a huge discount and save me...
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    Offer ending soon Qmax Step 1 Discount 12mo

    Hi here are discount for 12-month Step 1 Qmax!!!!! 12-month Step 1 Qmax subscription: $139 -- Use promo code: UPR35QMAX112M This code is active from 7/7/17 to 7/13/17 Remember you can activate your subscription 6 months later. USMLE-Rx
  16. D


    Would any other med students want to join our sketchy discount? We're setting it up for the beginning of the year and anyone can join if they'd like. The price would be $179.99/12 months for all three sketchy's if we get enough people (>50), it is normally $250/year. This includes sketchy micro...
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    Hey guys, I just wanted to share my link, which gives you a great discount for any firecracker subscription. I saved a lot using a referral link when I first signed up so I figured I'd do the same for all of you. The link is: Good luck everyone!
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    Huge Firecracker Discount

    Hey guys, here is a referral link so you can get a huge discounted price for any firecracker subscription: This link will always be valid. Good luck!
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    Free (Giving away) Firecracker Discount Link!

    Hey fellow med students! I've been using Firecracker for the past few months and I've been a huge fan! If you're thinking about getting it, please help a poor med student out by using my referral link! #loanssuck In case you're wondering, you get a discount...
  20. P


    Hi, I am ending my second year at Med School and I found this system which actually helped me understand many of the classes. If I say it is perfect that would be a lie, for example, there could be some improvement in the Genetics lectures. However, overall it did help me endure second- year and...
  21. KLS93

    MD & DO Useful Study Resources for M1 & M2 Years

    Hello fellow med students! I am a current M2 and have younger sibling who is preparing to begin M1 year this August. My brother has recently been asking me many questions about what books/sources he will need, so I figured I would pass this information on to the medical community at large --...
  22. Karcasstic

    Najeeb discount code

    Hey everyone! If you've been thinking about using Dr. Najeeb Lectures, feel free to use my referral code to get a 23% discount off their lifetime access. For the discount, just go to!/registration and enter my affiliate ID: 1097162 Happy studying!
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    UWorld Step 1 Discount Code

    Our school gave us a code for UWorld Step 1 but I've already taken it, so I'm selling my code! The code offers $259 off (so the entire price of a 90-day UWorld Step 1 + two self-assessment forms) and I'm selling it at $200 or best offer. E-mail me at [email protected] if interested!
  25. W

    Signing a new job contract

    A few questions... I was offered a job that has a one year contract. Has anyone had a lawyer look over it for them or did they just sign it? Also, anyone have an idea on what the average discount is for services for an associate veterinarian? My contract says 20% off. I can't imagine having to...
  26. Nose2Grindstone

    Wanted: USMLE RX Triple Play Discount Code (Oct/Nov 2016)

    Looking for a coupon code for USMLE-Rx Triple Play. Help a brother out? Thank you!
  27. K


    Hi everyone! THIS WEEK ONLY- 45% off Step 1 triple play. That's videos, questions and flash cards! Step 1 triple play, 12 months $239: GEFFSPQTRIP112 These codes are active until 09/25/16, no exceptions. As long as this code is active it can be used by anyone, anywhere. If you don't want to...
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    USMLERx Discount STEP 1/STEP 2 Qbank /Flash Cards Until August 24/16

    18 month Step 2 CK Qmax for $179 : UPR30QMAX218 12 month Step 1 Flash Facts for $79 : UPR30FLASH112 12 month Step 1 Qmax for $179 : UPR30QMAX112 Until today!!!! Hurry up at Check out
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    For Sale 2015 DAT Destroyer Materials For Sale!

    Hello Everyone, I am a pre-dental student who recently sat for the DAT exam and is selling my DAT Prep books at a discounted price. I saw my friend's 2016 version of these materials and they are pretty much the same. Nonetheless, I have the following books up for grabs: DAT Destroyer (2015...
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    Free (Giving away) The Pass Machine $52 discount code/referral (code shown in post)

    Hello, If you need a $52 discount referral code for The Pass Machine (any specialty) just PM me and I'll send you the info need. It's not much but better than nothing! Good luck! EDIT: The code is AMB54953 which is entered into the coupon/discount code box when you input your payment
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    Step 2 CK USMLE-Rx question bank discounts

    3 month Step 2 CK Qmax subscription* for only $79! Please enter promo code: MSOM3QMAX2 6 month Step 2 CK Qmax subscription* for only $119! Please enter promo code: MSOM5QMAX2
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    Free (Giving away) 40% off First Aid/USMLE-Rx Qmax Q bank (code)

    The First Aid/USMLE-Rx team would like to offer you a great deal ($80 off) on a 6 month Step 1 Qmax subscription. This is an A-rated question bank from the authors of First Aid for the USMLE Step 1. They will even let you purchase the subscription now and delay its start date for up to 6 months...