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  1. K

    What are my chances?

    Age: 23 Undergrad University: Florida Atlantic University Residence: MI Sex: Female Ethnicity: Middle Eastern (immigrant) MCAT: 498 (124,123,127,124) Undergrad GPA: 3.26 Science Undergrad GPA: 3.15 Graduate GPA: 4.0, masters' of biomedical sciences with a thesis in alzheimer's disease (thesis...
  2. P

    What are my chances?

    Licensed embalmer/funeral director with a mortuary science degree, worked as a CNA at a hospital for two years, worked at a child/adolescent psychiatric hospital as a psych tech, volunteered for a rape victims hotline, 3.6 GPA in college with a Bio-Clinical sciences degree, and a 514 on the...
  3. F

    MD & DO Can I get in? Any and all opinions!

    Hey guys! Recent bachelors graduate here with a a few more med school reqs to take. I have a relatively non-traditional background so I'm looking for some honest opinions and advice on if I have a shot at reaching my dream of med school in this upcoming (2018-19) application cycle. I'm also an...
  4. R

    Scored a 496 Should I retest?

    So, I received my score today and got a 496. Which I am well aware of is not a good score. My break down is as follows: Chem/ physics -124 CARS-122 Bio/Biochem-123 Psych/Soc-127 My GPA is about a 3.5 non science and 3.6 science. I am primarily interested in going D.O because my...
  5. G

    What are my chances? Where to from here?

    Yes I know my statistics and resume are nowhere near impressive and there is no excuse for that. If anyone could steer in the proper direction it would be greatly appreciated. • Year in school: Junior • Country/state of residence: MI, USA • Schools to which you are applying:Unsure of but...
  6. DPTinthemaking15

    DPT to D.O.

    Okay, so the subject pretty much explains it all. I am a first year Physical Therapy student, and I’ve realized that I enjoy Physiatry more than Physical Therapy. I’ll explain. I observed with multiple PT’s over a course of two to three years, and I thought it was something I would enjoy doing...
  7. G

    Need Advice..