doctor of physical therapy

  1. F

    Columbia DPT Class of 2022

    Hey all! I created a spot for Columbia's DPT program, Class of 2022 to chit chat, keep each other up to date on information sent out by the school, and to also get to know each other before classes start in September! Excited to meet you guys in the Fall! :)
  2. A

    Usciences Interview HELP!!

    Hello All, I have recently received the chance to interview for USciences's DPT program. Can anyone who has gone through their interview process share their interview experience, share any advice on how to prepare for the day, share what questions they got in the interview, and elaborate on...
  3. D

    Physical therapy school

    hello all, I was wondering if there was a school in the USA that doesn’t require anatomy and physiology as a pre requisite?
  4. O

    Quality of education and experience from SUNY Downstate & Touro College

    Hey Everyone! I’m currently in the interviewing process of getting into PT school. I have applied to Suny Downstate and Touro College. I have heard mix reviews for both places. Now that it is 2018, I’m just wondering if any of the two schools have made better changes in their curriculum...
  5. D

    FIU DPT class of 2021 (early interview)

    Hey! I was recently invited to an early interview with FIU and was wondering if the decision is binding if I were to accept an offer? If anyone has already attended an early interview (NOT early decision) and can give me an answer I would greatly appreciate it! ALSO: Was there any...
  6. Pursuit.of.DPT

    University of Mary Hardin-Baylor - DPT

    Good Evening, I received an invite for an interview at UMHB for their Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Current and past students, what is the interview like? Is it a one on one interview or panel? Any ideas on what the essay portion is about? or the structure of their essays? Any...
  7. A

    American International College class of 2020

    I got accepted to the dpt program a few months ago, anyone else?